Discover A New Level Of Customer Service

At Matt Slap Subaru of Newark, De.,

With The Love Encore Subaru Delivery Program

Too often these days, taking delivery of your new vehicle consists of a salesman tossing you the keys and then flashing a smile and maybe a friendly wave. Well here at Matt Slap Subaru, we believe you deserve more. This is why we have a thorough delivery process to make sure your car is ready, and go the extra mile to ensure that you are familiar with all of your vehicle's features and their operation. However, the day you buy your new Subaru is often filled with many first's and "information overload", that's why we have a delivery specialist that will offer you his time and expertise after you drive your Subaru away. Our delivery specialist, Timothy Hyden is the expert on Subaru and all of the remarkable technology that comes with it. He will provide you with a complete demonstration of all that your new Subaru offers and ensure that your compatible personal devices are seamlessly connected to your Subaru and the StarLink infotainment system. Timothy will also provide you with a first-class tour of our facilities. Our appreciation of our customers extends beyond the delivery of your new vehicle; Timothy will follow up with you to schedule a refresher of your Subaru vehicle's technology. This is yet another example of how we go above and beyond for our customers at delivery and well down the road at Matt Slap Subaru. We don't just want to earn your business once: we want to develop a long lasting relationship and take care of you and your vehicles no matter where the road takes you. We are honored to be your premier Subaru dealership, so stop by and let us extend our hospitality.



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